Investment Framework - Acquisition

Opportunity Early Detection - Uncovering and targeting principal and/or brokered investments early in, or prior to, the disposition process is a key competitive advantage in SSG's investment framework. This edge is achieved through an expansive, in-place network of real estate decision makers including brokers, national tenants, investors, property owners and financial institutions. These high-level relationships allow SSG to gain critical market intelligence and demand-insight or forward knowledge which enable the partnership to surface and pursue potentially untapped real estate opportunities before they become widely known.

Swift Assessment - SSG is able to quickly assess the quality of these investment opportunities with real time market data - in particular from the end-user's perspective - thereby saving human and financial capital and avoiding investments with inherent market or physical limitations which would render an investment opportunity economically unfeasible.

Thorough Due Diligence - SSG conducts rigorous due-diligence, which is based upon conservative underwriting assumptions, direct knowledge of the underlying market conditions and risks, and a clear and articulated development plan which allows for multiple exit strategies.

Buying Right - A cornerstone of the SSG investment strategy is acquiring targeted investments that are undervalued and/or under-performing and which demonstrate a propensity for producing superior risk adjusted returns.

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