Investment Framework - Value Creation

Strategic Development Plan - SSG tailors a highly effective, strategic development plan to achieve the highest asset value for each investment property. SSG is able to maximize the effectiveness of each specific plan through years of practical knowledge and experience its partners have gained from hands-on development and asset management.

Leasing & Marketing - SSG partners have a solid track record for developing and implementing thoughtful and effective marketing programs, mining key data and building long-term relationships with landlords, tenants and brokers. This enhances SSG's ability to quickly absorb vacancies, maximize tenant retention and ensure a well-balanced tenant mix, resulting in stabilized occupancy levels and maximization of net operating income. SSG's leasing plans are carefully tailored to the individual asset, the specific marketplace in which the asset is located, and to the asset's targeted investment goals and objectives.

Asset & Property Management - SSG provides highly skilled strategic asset and property management services. These services include in-depth analysis of the strategic risks and opportunities associated with each asset, combined with a highly focused operations plan at the property level.   Additionally, SSG pursues appropriate modifications and/or negotiations of existing arrangements or contracts with property lenders, tenants, vendors and/or various public agencies, where such restructuring is necessary for the asset's success.

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